DiaLing at the 26th International Conference on Historical Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg

Several members of DiaLing gave a presentation about their research at the 26th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, which took place in Heidelberg from 4 to 8 September at the University of Heidelberg:
Tom Bossuyt and Eline Daveloose: “Divergence and contact in Cappadocian concessive conditionals”.
Koen Bostoen, Lorenzo Maselli, Sara Pacchiarotti and Jean-Pierre Donzo: “Pre-Bantu substrate in Batwa Bantu languages of the Congo rainforest: A comparative study of nasal-oral stop cluster reduction”.
Eleonora Cattafi: “Continuative relative clauses in Greek documentary papyri”.
Brian Cluyse, Joren Somers and Jóhanna Barðdal: “Latin placēre as an alternating Dat-Nom/Nom-Dat verb: A radically new analysis”.
Eline Daveloose: “From de to ke: functional transfer of a topic shift marker from Turkish to Cappadocian Greek”.
Wannes Elens, Joren Somers and Jóhanna Barðdal: “The Alternating Behavior of ‘Like’ in Old Norse-Icelandic: Facts or Fiction”.
Hilde Gunnink, Koen Bostoen and Natalia Chousou-Polydouri: “An evolutionary loner in Southern African Bantu: The classification of Yeyi”.
Tim Ongenae: “Towards a Diachronic Account of P-lability in Latin: The Semantic Extension of the Active Intransitive as an Anticausative Strategy in Latin”.
Sara Pacchiarotti, Natalia Chousou-Polydouri, Jean-Pierre Donzo, Guy Kouarata, Lorenzo Maselli and Koen Bostoen: “Uncovering lost paths in the Congo rainforest: A new, comprehensive phylogeny of West-Coastal and Central-Western Bantu”.
We are delighted that our research group was well represented at such an important event in our field.