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  • Thu

    Michal Starke: Cutting French verbs and gluing them back together

    1:00 pmCamelot Room (Blandijnberg 2, 3rd floor)

    Prof. Dr Michal Starke (Masaryk University): "Cutting French verbs and gluing them back together".

    Abstract: Descriptively, French has many "irregular" verbs, as well as a mildly complex combination of suffixes on verbs. I aim to show that both irregular verbs and the combination of verbal suffixes follow a regular underlying system, and that this system can be elegantly derived by using phrasal spellout, the elsewhere principle and the functional sequence provided by syntax.

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  • Tue

    Bernat Bardagil-Mas (UGent) – “Language documentation and revitalization of Mỹky, in Brazilian Amazonia”

    2:00 pmBlandijn Room 3.30 (Camelot)

    This presentation discusses recent language documentation and revitalization work among the Mỹky and Manoki nations in Brazilian southern Amazonia, as well as the revitalization of the traditional jakuli genre of dance and music. Mỹky is an isolated indigenous Amazonian language spoken in north-western Mato Grosso, in Brazil, by two communities: the Manoki (Iranxe) and the Mỹky (Monserrat 2010; Bardagil 2023). The two communities went through different contact periods with colonial Brazilian society, which resulted in different sociolinguistic situations. While the Manoki dialect of the language is severely threatened, with only three members of the community (~400) being able to speak it today, it is spoken as a first language by most of the Mỹky group (~100).
    Since 2019 I have been working alongside the Manoki community to preserve and reclaim their indigenous language, which led to the creation of the Watjuho Ja'a Collective and the organization of several intensive schools for Manoki language, and to several initiatives to reinforce musical and spiritual community practices that are closely connected with the orally-transmitted heritage of this threatened indigenous nation.

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