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  • Thu

    Michal Starke: Cutting French verbs and gluing them back together

    1:00 pmCamelot Room (Blandijnberg 2, 3rd floor)

    Prof. Dr Michal Starke (Masaryk University): "Cutting French verbs and gluing them back together".

    Abstract: Descriptively, French has many "irregular" verbs, as well as a mildly complex combination of suffixes on verbs. I aim to show that both irregular verbs and the combination of verbal suffixes follow a regular underlying system, and that this system can be elegantly derived by using phrasal spellout, the elsewhere principle and the functional sequence provided by syntax.

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  • Tue

    Leonid Kulikov (UGent) – “Gandharva and Njörðr: an etymological and comparative-mythological perspective”

    2:00 pmBlandijn room 0.2

    In my talk I will discuss some minor deities (demons) of the Indo-Iranian pantheon such as Gandharva(s) and their possible Indo-European parallels outside Indo-Iranian. In particular, I will focus on some features of Njörðr and other Nordic Vanir gods in order to show their structural similarities with the Gandharva(s), foremost, their importance for such issues as sexuality and fertility. Special attention will be paid to the etymology of the names of these gods. I will further demonstrate that this comparison may shed some light on the anthropogonic views of the Proto-Indo-Europeans and to figure out how they envisaged the origin of humankind and the role of (minor) gods in this emergence of humans.

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