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  • Thu

    Michal Starke: Cutting French verbs and gluing them back together

    1:00 pmCamelot Room (Blandijnberg 2, 3rd floor)

    Prof. Dr Michal Starke (Masaryk University): "Cutting French verbs and gluing them back together".

    Abstract: Descriptively, French has many "irregular" verbs, as well as a mildly complex combination of suffixes on verbs. I aim to show that both irregular verbs and the combination of verbal suffixes follow a regular underlying system, and that this system can be elegantly derived by using phrasal spellout, the elsewhere principle and the functional sequence provided by syntax.

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  • Tue

    BantUGent: Prof. André Motingea Mangulu & BantuFirst research pitch

    11:00 amAuditorium P Jozef Plateau (Jozef Plateaustraat 22)

    Prof. André Motingea Mangulu (UPN Kinshasa) will give a talk with the title "Particularités des langues mongo parlées par les groupes d’anciens chasseurs-collecteurs du bassin central congolais : Une contribution à la linguistique historique et à l’histoire des migrations."

    After that, there will be a BantuFirst research pitch on "Dorsal fricatives in West Coastal Bantu: substrate interference from extinct hunter- gatherer languages?", presented by Dr Sara Pacchiarotti.

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